Next best thing to reality


Future of fantasy cricket is here.

CricFantasy is going to change the world of fantasy cricket as we know it. Gone will be the times when people were choosing players like lottery numbers in a crowd of millions. Welcome to true fantasy, where cricket fans can live their dreams of owning their own teams playing whole tournaments with friends, playing one on one matches against every other team like... like REALITY.


You Create your own Leagues.

We should not dictate how the game needs to be played and by whom, that decision is yours. You can create a league based on any tournament you desire, named whatever you want to call it, where you can finally showcase your skills by playing many matches throughout the league, where one-off chance based occurrences will be overshadowed by the skill of your players and your intelligence to form the best team and trade with other teams to keep it that way.


It's more personal than ever.

instead of competing with thousands of others, you get to compete against a handful of teams as if you were really playing in the tournament. Every team has its own name and logo and above all a unique team of unique players. Every person in a league has the power to invite a friend and decide on the people they want to play against and the power to leave if they don't like what they see.


Even picking players is a competition.

Instead of just mindlessly picking the best players, you have to compete with every other team in your league for your favourite players. Everyone gets an equal chance to pick the best players and don't worry if you miss the chance to pick the player you want, you can always trade with other teams in between the tournament to keep things interesting and competitive.


Have a real cricket match

Instead of competing with hundreds of other users with the same exact team as yours why not try a one-on-one match with a totally different team of distinct players. Every week you will be matched up against a totally different team to decide whose team is the best and the ultimate winner who gets to take everything. Just like real cricket you will have a choice of 16 player to chose your playing 11 from giving you some flexibility between different matchups apart from trading players.